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Material Picker is the most intuitive tool for finding and editing materials in Blender. Get access to any material in one single click through the Viewport, or browse through all of your materials in the Shader Editor.

Main Features

Get what you see

Material Picker

Pick any material from the viewport by simply hovering over it.

Get fast and organized

Material Browser

Browse and manage all of your materials in the most intuitive way.

Find what's sought

Material Search

Quickly get access to any material straight from the workspace.
Automatically synchronizes with the Material Browser for a smooth workflow.

100% Reliable

Everything Supported

Material Picker works every time, no matter the workflow you use!

Geometry Nodes

When picking a material from objects with geometry nodes or other modifiers without having it in a material slot, a new hidden object will be created with the material ready to be edited.

Linked Objects​

When picking a linked Material you can automatically open the corresponding file to edit it. The changes will update immediately when tabbing back.

Instanced Objects​

When picking a material of instanced objects the original object will automatically be searched and selected with the picked material active.

Quality guaranteed

Made with a Professional

Material Picker was designed with the help of a 3D Artist with the goal of
speeding up your everyday workflow, especially when working with larger scenes.

That’s what he is saying:

I can’t even think about the inability to quickly and easily select the desired material in Blender due to its multiple branching options of ways that objects can be brought together to get the final result… without spewing the most disparaging vulgarities about how I despise that aspect of Blender. I’ve got one less thing to vex me now.


More Information

Step by Step

Video Tutorial

Learn how to master Material Picker to improve your everyday workflow with ease.

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Documentation & Changelog​

Find all features and the changelog as well as installation and update guides.

Support & Community

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me via Ask a Question, Discord or send an E-Mail to support@rubenmesserschmidt.comAlso, suggestions and criticism are welcome.

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Thanks to Thinsoldier for suggesting this addon and
helping with testing as well as providing many great ideas for this project!

“Cyberpunk Speeder” ( by Piotr Pisiak is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (
“The Minimalist White Room” ( by Wig42 is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ( The volume object was added for demonstration purposes.